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Biodegradable Brush - Eco Friendly Brush


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CHARACTERISTICS : Brush made with vegetable raw materials rich in starch such as corn and cassava . The Petalosa brush decomposes in nature respecting the environment . Petalosa is a detangling brush , the 2 cm long bristles are soft and with a rounded tip, ideal for detangling all types of hair. Its leaf-like structure makes each branch flexible, facilitating massage and stimulation of the scalp .

        BRAND: Petalosa

        Hyaluronic acid

        It is a molecule synthesized by our body to hydrate and protect tissues and is one of the main components of connective tissues that performs an important structural function, giving the skin its particular properties of resistance, plasticity, firmness and density. Skin aging is associated with a decrease in the production of hyaluronic acid. Its deficiency causes dehydration and weakening of the tissue structure, factors responsible for the formation of wrinkles and skin relaxation.


        Basic ingredient, present in all products. Water is life! Our body is made largely of water and so are cosmetics: this ingredient is the main element in the composition of cosmetics. The epidermis contains 5 liters of water and maintaining this hydration is the first step in maintaining its elasticity and firmness.


        Helps prevent the visible signs of photoaging and dehydration. Aloe vera is loved for its moisturizing and soothing properties thanks to the presence of emollient, moisturizing and restorative components.


        It is extracted from the currant plant, and is the ultimate active ingredient for fighting skin blemishes. It acts directly on the production of melanin. Limits the formation of skin spots and acts on hyperpigmentation already present.


        Also nicknamed "gold of the desert" being extremely rare and precious. Argan oil makes hair soft and shiny, helps fight frizz, hydrates and nourishes, protects and strengthens even the tips, making the hair bright and healthy. For curly and frizzy hair: it keeps them soft, hydrated and restores volume to the hair. For dry, brittle, frizzy and dull hair: it helps the scales to close, repairing even small damage and making the hair stronger, compact and shiny.


        Argirelin is a peptide chemically composed of six amino acids with activities similar to those of botulinum toxin. This means that it has a plumping action and is able to smooth out deep wrinkles but in a safer way than botulinum toxin.

        Coconut butter

        Properties: antioxidants, antiseptics and emollients.

        Centella asiatica

        Centella asiatica extract has anti-aging cosmetic properties, stimulating collagen synthesis by acting against skin aging; regenerative, improving the functionality of the skin circulation, reduces blemishes, scars, stretch marks and other imperfections.

        Shea butter

        The emollient, nourishing, softening, anti-inflammatory, skin anti-aging, calming, photoprotective and after-sun properties of shea butter make it perfect for protecting the lips from external agents (wind, cold, sun, etc.), when there is a fear that they may appear on of them some cracks.

        Cera alba / bees

        It is a natural substance produced by bees. Beeswax is a completely natural product that exerts a protective action on the stratum corneum. It is able to form a film that prevents excessive loss of water from the skin (anti-dehydration). Excellent emollient for sensitive, irritated, chapped skin, with dermatitis or psoriasis.

        Carnauba wax

        It has Properties: emollient, polishing and water repellent (it forms a sort of film that protects the surface on which it is applied from water).

        Candelilla wax

        It is a completely vegetable substance that protects the skin and retains its hydration.


        Keratin is a protein made up of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements; represents the main constituent of hair, hair and nails. This protein adheres to the external surface of the hair, voluminizes it, recompacting its protein fibers and making it vigorous and healthy.


        Collagen is a substance naturally present within the connective tissues of the skin: it is one of the most abundant proteins in our body, which acts as a support, as if it were the scaffolding of a building. It is also found in the nails and hair, which assimilate it and immediately benefit from it. Collagen strengthens the hair, acting as a filler and makes it thicker, beautiful and bright. Collagen helps to make the skin compact and elastic, increases the hydration of the epidermis, can fill volumes and wrinkles with a temporary filler effect due to the swelling of the hydrated fibers. Collagen improves the firmness, brightness and general appearance of the skin.


        Gardenia Jasminoides stem cells represent the vital “heart” of plants and as such rich in nutritional and vital principles. They restructure the collagen for an anti-wrinkle, toning and rejuvenating action and have an anti-inflammatory, nourishing and regenerating effect on the epithelial tissue.

        Wheat germ

        TRITICUM VULGARIS EXTRACT: The Wheat Germ extract, thanks to its antioxidant properties, reduces the formation of free radicals and prevents skin aging. It helps to restore the superficial hydrolipidic layer of the skin, prevents skin aging, preserves skin elasticity, compensates for the dryness of dry and very dry skin and determines an intense acceleration of tissue repair processes.


        Witch hazel, or Hamamelis Viriginiana, is a very precious plant for our body because it has anti-inflammatory properties, helps strengthen the venous walls, counteracts blood stagnation, eliminates the accumulation of liquids in the body, increases the resistance of the capillaries and is a powerful antioxidant.


        HUMULUS LUPULUM EXTRACT: Hops are part of the hemp family, and are native to Central Europe. It is traditionally used as an adjuvant in the healing of inflammation, is a curative for damaged skin, a stimulant on the production of collagen and is an ideal cure for dry and mature skin.

        Pure flaxseed oil

        Helps fight split ends by rehydrating and restructuring the hair fiber; It is excellent as an after-shampoo to eliminate frizz and give the hair a shiny and healthy look. Flaxseed oil regulates sebaceous production and normalizes the scalp, it is therefore useful for making anti-dandruff packs: massage a few drops of linseed oil on the scalp before shampooing.


        Ruscus aculeatus, commonly called butcher's broom, is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean scrub. Butcher's broom boasts vasoprotective properties (particularly useful for promoting and protecting venous circulation), venotonic and anti-inflammatory, astringent and diuretic.

        Salts of the dead sea

        Dead Sea salts are a very effective natural remedy for anti-cellulite treatments, to remedy the stagnation of liquids and help to counteract the natural degenerative process of the skin, stimulating and reinvigorating it. Their effectiveness lies in the ability to fight skin imperfections, seborrhea, itching, as well as being normalizers of skin pH.

        Tea Tree

        Tea Tree Oil, better known as Tea Tree Oil, is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea Tree Oil was used as a natural drug as it has excellent properties: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-odorant, healing. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil can prove useful in case of insect bites, itching and inflammation of the skin. It also promotes the resolution of boils and is effective in the treatment of mild and moderate acne vulgaris.

        Green tea

        Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties, green tea can help reduce enlarged pores that tend to become infected by bacteria. Green tea helps reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne, works as an astringent and leaves skin smooth and glowing.

        Vitamin E

        It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, so that healthy hair grows and slows down hair loss. Vitamin E also repairs damaged follicles, makes hair shiny and healthy and slows down the appearance of white hair.

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