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La missione di AL&GI è portare alla luce la bellezza che è già dentro di te.

Our culture is a set of traditional family values ​​expressed in a dynamic society open to innovation. This mix translates into our mission to serve the beauty of all with products that are more attentive to this purpose, than to passing fashions, focusing on long-term sustainable growth and with an eye on high technology and one on nature. This is why we define ourselves as the guardians of your beauty.

Ci occupiamo della Skin Care ed Hair Care per donare risultati chiaramente visibili.

We offer hypoallergenic and highly performing products thanks to the selection of the best active in the cosmetics market. We have researched specific ingredients for each type of skin and hair having accuracy for each of you and creating a specific function for each product that you will find on our site. All AL&GI products are phthalate-free, meticulously controlled to ensure maximum results without irritation.